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24 Hours in Seattle Part 1

Lauren has wanted to visit Seattle since her first trip out to Oregon to move me and my things. As this was her 4th trip, I finally relented. While I did have a good time in Seattle, it was a miserable drive up in traffic, horrid parking the first night, and a miserable drive back down in traffic.

So. Here is the first part of our trip.



Pike’s Place Market



Pioneer Square



Underground Tour (totally worth it, enjoyed the tour guides and the tour)

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Jam Day Again

With all of the fruit and berries ripening around here it was time to clean out the freezer and make some jam!


Some mixed berry jam from all of the little bits left in the freezer.


Strawberry jam from all of the new berries this summer.


Apricot jam because I LOVE IT. Seriously. Yum.


In all, we made 106 jars of jam that day. Well, one pot was syrup because we forgot the pectin, but there were still 106 jars.


And in the end, 7 different kinds of jam to enjoy and share.

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Berry Picking at WUG


West Union Gardens really does a great job with their berry canes. They are well tended and watered. The berries hang heavy and ripe.


Picking is fairly easy, even with the bees hanging out. They must be a bit drunk on all of the flowers at WUG in the spring when the canes are all coated in flowers.




In two hours we managed to pick a flat each of Tay berries, Logan berries, Silvan blackberries, and Green gooseberries.



When I came home I even had a few red raspberries from my own canes.

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Northwest Lace Conference Part 4


I took the knotted lace flower class from Elena Dickson. I managed to finish my flower by the second day of classes. So then I played with knotted lace edgings, making tubes, chains, and beading chains. This is the only piece that I took a photo for though.


When I was talking to Lauren about coming to visit me for the lace conference, I discovered that there was another Lauren Snyder signed up for the conference. So, we had to take a photo of the 2 Lauren Snyders. What is even more entertaining is that they are both tatters. :)


I took one selfie with Lauren. Only 1. We were at the banquet. We are starting to look a little tired in this photo.



The center pieces at the banquet were made by the members of the Portland Lace Society.  The theme was rainbows and butterflies, so each centerpiece had rainbows and butterflies.  Most of the pieces were made in bobbin lace or tatting, but I know there were also knotted lace butterflies.



I’m not sure which group this is, but the gal in the middle won the quilt.  She was a bit overwhelmed.


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Northwest Lace Conference Part 3


There are just a few more pieces of the Northwest Lace Conference that I wanted to share. This is the quilt that was made by a member and raffled off. The butterflies were all made by members of the Portland Lace Society. There are many different types of lace represented on the quilt and it was lovely.


Lauren and I were looking pretty chipper that first day. Each day we were a little more tired though. Those long days and short nights took their toll.


We rode with Jean and Shirley, so I took their photo. Somewhat unawares I think.


The lace contest had several entries.  The themes were original pattern and contest theme.  I think.  Anyway.  I enjoyed seeing all of the entries and the creativity that went with them.


Then there were the display pieces.


So many different kinds of lace on display.




I have to admit that I was inspired by all of the pieces on display. Most especially by the knotted lace items as I chose to take the knotted lace flower class. It seems I have shared many photos and I will have to add one more part to my tale. So, look for part 4 tomorrow. :)


Northwest Lace Conference Part 2

The Teacher showcase was amazing. I can’t believe the talent and dedication exhibited by the teachers from our conference.


This was the table from our teacher, Elena Dickson, for the knotted lace class. Everything was so pretty.



I especially loved the flowers and scarf. Apparently the scarf has a hold on it should Elena ever decide to part with it and I am not the one at the top of that list.



This table was from the Romanian Point Lace instructor.



And then we get into a bunch of things I’m not too sure on.  I know this is bobbin lace, but I’m not sure on my styles.



This one was the wire lace table.  All of the lovely things on this table are made in bobbin lace using wire.  Some of them have beads and some of them are plain, but all of them were interesting and lovely.



Again, bobbin lace, but I’m not sure which kind.



And then there was the Orenburg lace.  It’s not particularly appealing to me as I don’t like garter based laces, but her display was full of technically exquisite pieces and lovely soft wool.


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